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Thanks to the Central Scotland Forest, our children will grow up in a much more attractive environment than we did.

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The Forest is transforming the central belt landscape into a rich mosaic of woodland and farmland, shelterbelts and hedgerows, towns and villages, lochs and reservoirs. Eyesores are being removed, woodlands planted, fences and dykes built, wildlife habitats enhanced and created, footpaths and cycleways built and restored.

However, this huge task will not come cheaply, and although it already enjoys support from many people and organisations, there are simply not enough resources available at present to achieve what is needed.

So we’re inviting YOU to join the growing band of “Friends of the Central Scotland Forest”, and make your own personal contribution to environmental improvements in Scotland’s central belt.

Your membership fee will help pay for projects in the Forest - perhaps planting trees in school grounds, or a new community woodland for a local village, or a new wildlife pond.

In return, you’ll receive:

Use the response form to request more information about "Friends of the Forest".

Central Scotland Forest Home