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Education in the Forest

CSCT actively support Environmental Education within the Central Scotland Forest Community.

We are currently reviewing our provision of Environmental Education for schools, youth and community groups. We would value your thoughts and ideas on how best to improve both the resources we can provide and the support we can offer, particularly in terms of fieldwork and outdoor activities. Please give us your ideas by using the response form.

Much work has been done to develop environmental education opportunities in the Forest. Here are some good examples:

Village Nature Parks

In 1990 a group of dedicated local volunteers from Shotts helped CSCT develop a 6ha site into a woodland area with a pond, footbridges and a wildflower meadow. This site is now known as Shotts Village Nature Park. A Management Group, made up entirely of volunteers, now looks after the site.

The Pond at Shotts Village Nature Park
The Pond at Shotts Village Nature Park

Other Village Nature Parks include Plains in North Lanarkshire and Lesmahagow Woodland Park in South Lanarkshire. In West Lothian you can visit Little Boghead Nature Park near Bathgate and Blackmoss Nature Park near Armadale.

Members of the Nature Park Groups who live near to these sites are happy to show groups around. Local Ranger Services also offer activities for school, youth and community groups at the parks.

The Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk promotes all the elements of the Central Scotland Forest. It contains a range of inspirational and informative environmental education materials focusing on tree and woodland issues packaged in a wooden box, for use by school, youth and community groups.

The Tree Trunk is being developed by the Tree Trunk Partnership which consists of CSCT, the Forestry Authority and Scottish Natural Heritage.

Dunipace Primary Pupils

The Tree Trunk is currently in its pilot stage and is subject to limited availability at present. If you would like more information about the Trunk please contact us using the response form, or visit the new Tree Trunk Website.

Lesmahagow Woodland Park Education Pack

"Understanding Living Things and the Processes of Life" is an education pack which was produced specifically for schools to use this site in South Lanarkshire and it is closely linked to the 5-14 schools curriculum. Please use the response form to ask for more information.

Other Maps and Leaflets


Many other maps and leaflets featuring different parts of the forest are also available.

Please contact one of our community Liaison Officers for further information about education in the Forest. You will find the names and contact details in the Ask Us section.

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